Discover how time after time, men and women just like you lose kilos, gain massive energy, supercharge their fitness and literally transform their lives and bodies with just a couple hours per week!*

Wednesday 01 July, 2015

Dear Sydney Resident,

If you're really tired of putting everyone else in front of you… whether it's your career, kids or partner… and you're ready to put all your excuses aside… and finally take charge of your fitness- this could be the most important website you've ever stumbled upon!

Don't buy another gym membership you never use… or go on the latest fad diet that only makes you hungry all the time… until you've seen what we do.

I guarantee that you'll absolutely love Fusion Boot Camp. Our workouts are fun, high energy, extremely effective and most importantly, outdoors!

The way we keep our clients excited for years is we always vary the sessions, so you'll NEVER get bored. In Fact you'll never have two sessions that are the same. Ever!

You'll be out in the fresh air with a group of fun people who dislike stuffy gyms, walking and jogging just as much as you do!

And the best part is…

With only a couple short and very convenient boot camp sessions each week you will:

  • Have more energy than the Energizer bunny
  • Discover muscles you haven't seen and felt in years
  • Feel great and have fun
  • Lose fat
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Tone your butt
  • Regain and keep your health
  • and finally get your fitness back on track! Once and for all!!*
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Check out some of the results our clients are getting:!*

And here are a few more…




  • testimonial david

    “I was especially impressed by how personalised the program is. So far I’ve lost 26kg in 3 months!


    42, St Ives

  • testimonial chris

    “I wanted to get fitter because I had no time, my eating habits were bad and I had blood pressure issues.I started boot camp because it’s fits with my schedule. My work commitments meant that I had no time during the day or after work, and family commitments at night so it fit in the morning. I’m outside getting fresh air, having a great time.Since I’ve been coming to boot camp I feel great, I’ve got more time and more energy and I do more things on the weekends.

    I’ve lost over 15kg, I’ve got more energy, I’m off my blood pressure medication and I feel great!

    It is amazing how much energy I have now and how much more incentive I have to do things, to play sports, to go surfing or to go running with my kids.

    The best thing is that I am now off my blood pressure medication, which I was on for eight to ten years before I started training with Fusion Boot Camp in St Ives.”


    St Ives, Businessman

  • testimonial shaun

    I turned 40, my blood pressure started going up and I though, about time I do something about that, so I joined boot camp 4 years ago.

    I halved my blood pressure and I feel a lot fitter, and most of all I’ve got a lot more energy now, everyday.

    I wanted to join boot camp because I fitted in with my lifestyle. Exercising early in the morning fitted in with my lifestyle, obviously and being close to home was very convenient as well.

    Over the 4 years I’ve been at boot camp I’ve achieved fantastic results. I’ve dropped about 5 kg, but I don’t measure it in terms of kilograms, I just know my general fitness is a lot better now.

    My life is better now because I get my exercise done at 7 o’clock every morning and I’ve got a lot more energy for the rest of the day.”


Disclaimer: individual results may vary

Check out our latest survey's results

survey chart

“In our monthly surveys (of a random selection of our campers), usually 100% say they would recommend the program to their friends. In fact, most of them regularly do!”

As you can see here, our results speak for themselves.

We’re not about hyped up 4-week fat loss or getting you to starve yourself to lose 10 kg in 3 weeks.

Our fitness program provides sustained long-term results and better lives for people JUST LIKE YOU…

…But I have to warn you. If you’re not ready to change your life for good… and you’re just looking for another ‘comfort pill’ which does nothing except alleviate your guilt… then this program is not for you… Our boot camp is for action takers only… PERIOD.

But if you’re ready to put aside all your excuses… and make the effort and commitment to do at least 2 sessions per week… then we’ll help you get your fitness back, dramatically improve your energy levels and yes… help you lose a stack of fat in the process!

If this sounds like you… here’s what you need to do…

Firstly, I have to tell you that we only take a few new campers each month. We’re really strict about this. It’s one of the ways why we can guarantee such amazing and long-term results.

Our priority is giving each camper as much personalised attention as it takes… to continue achieving results long after your initial goals are reached.

As of this writing we have a few spots left.

Here's what you get when you register for your $1 two week trial:

Unlimited Bootcamp:

  • Unlimited access to all the fast and fun 1-hour boot camp workouts in your chosen location

Professional Support:

Unlimited email access to our trainers for tips, advice, and extra programs to do on your own.

Free Bonus Value Pack:

  • 6-Week Paleo Meal Plan (value $300)
  • 21-day Fast Fat Flush Diet (value $160)
  • Bootcamp sweat shirt (value $29)
  • Bootcamp exercise gloves (value $25)
  • Pair of boxing glove inners (value $6)

Be quick - offer ends at midnight!

Why Bootcamp?

If you were to do personal training with myself or one of my personal trainers you would pay between $75-85 per session. Even if you worked with a standard personal trainer you would easily pay $60 per session (for standard results).

But the great thing about fitness boot camps is you get so much more than with personal training… at a fraction of the cost.

Instead your investment to take part in my boot camp program is as little as $47 per week for unlimited access to to all session times at any location. That's just $7.85 a day!

Secure your two-week trial for just $1

It’s affordable, exciting and out in the fresh air… with a fun group of people just like you.

And to make you feel even more comfortable about coming along to our boot camp… I’ll give you your money back if you’re not 100% happy…

I won’t even ask why! I only want people who are super pleased and excited about the program… just check out my guarantee…

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money back guarantee

Fusion Bootcamp offers a


Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you're not happy with Fusion Bootcamp, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price. No questions asked, no hard feelings. All risk to you is eliminated. I want to make this as easy for you as possible!


North Shore Sessions

North Shore Sessions are 1 hour long

North Sydney

All Sessions at Anderson Park. Meet at Nth Syd Studio. 

Anderson Park, Clark Rd, North Sydney 2060. Meet at shop 2/66 Clark rd North Sydney

6:00 am 6:00 am - Boxing 6:00 am 6:00 am- Boxing 6:00 am 9:00 am
7:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 6:30 pm    

CBD Sessions 

The Domain

The Domain Park, Sydney CBD 2000

CBD Sessions are 45 minutes long

12:00 pm 12:00 pm 12:00 pm - Boxing 12:00 pm